Who we are?

We are a distribution and wine bar called VELTLIN based in Prague’s quarter Karlin.

Five years ago, Karlin district was kind of an uninteresting part of Prague – from foodies point of view – and we were one of the first who risked to open very specialized concept here. We are focused on authentic wines from the former Austrian Empire. This multiethnic monarchy used to be the most varied wine land in whole Europe and the Czech Kingdom was important part of it. From Trento in northern Italy to Prague, from Croatian coast through Budapest to Vienna, everywhere you could find vineyards and different type of wine. We were always fascinated by this incredible diversity, so when we decided to found a wine bar, it was clear we will offer authentic wines from these lands.

We use the adjective authentic to describe natural, terroir wines, which reflects their place of origin and cultural context in the best way. We are convinced that authentic wine is better designation than natural. Natural is such a controversial term, that we don’t like to use it. Everybody knows, what the adjective authentic means. The most important point for us is to tell people, that the wine is genuine, original, pure and faithful.

If you are looking for Czech, Moravian or Central European authentic wines, do not hesitate to visit our wine bar. We offer the widest range of them in Prague without doubt.