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The Story of Authentic Wines

VELTLIN is a wine bar in the Prague district of Karlín offering natural, authentic wines. We know all of our winemakers personally. Their wines, grown and made sustainably and with respect for nature, will transport you on a tour around the former Habsburg Empire. Come and join us! We also supply our wines to our favorite cafés and restaurants.

You don’t need to be a wine expert. That’s what we’re here for.

Haven’t found a wine list? We don’t have one. We open new bottles every day, depending entirely on your – and our – mood. Not a wine expert? That’s what we’re here for. And for the connoisseurs among you, we will be happy to spend time discussing our wines with you, and find something unique for you to try.

We like to serve our wines with cheeses, cured meats, pâtés and pumpkin seeds, all grown and made locally by family farms and producers.

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Our guests

Awesome service, very good natural wines. You're sure to discover something new and interesting here. The lovely Sommeliers let us taste and explained each wine until we narrowed down one we liked best. I'll look forward to visiting again whenever I'm in Prague!
So cozy, so comfortable and friendly. U can speak about vine more and more to the barmen or a bargirl. Variety or vines, especially Czech vines. Some appetizers and cheese. Small and comfy bar in Karlin. Not expensive.
What an amazing little find in Prague! If you enjoy wine this is a lovely experience the young gentleman is so knowledgeable and everything suggested was amazing! So nice to be able to try by the glassand paired with local meat and cheese I was in heaven!

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Want to enjoy some of our wines at home? You’re just one click away. Choose a bottle in our online shop and pick it up on your way from work, or have it shipped anywhere you like.

From our Instagram

Degustace: Jaroslav Osička 6. března – 19:00 – 650 Kč Jaroslava Osičku opravdu není třeba představovat, pionýr naturálního vinaření a doslova legenda, která proměnila Velké Bílovice na moravské…

Vady vína s Ondrou a Kristýnou 15. února – 19:00 – 300 Kč Držíte suchý únor? Tak to pro vás máme degustaci, při které nemusíte vzorky pít (protože ani nebudete chtít). Ve čtvrtek 15. února od 19:00…

Těsně před vánoci nám přistála další paleta z Transylvánie s novými ročníky rumunské naturální hvězdy Edgara Brutlera. Doslova chlastací litrovka Vinul Cassi, řízný Grünspitz nebo jeho seriózní podoba…

VELTLIN veze Frankovku (do Ostravy) VELTLIN vyráží opět do Moravskoslezské naturální centrály Hokus Pokus. Tentokrát se zaměříme na zásadní červenou odrůdu celé monarchie – Frankovku. Podíváme se…


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VELTLIN wine bar

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